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The Creative Approach of Cameron Poetzscher

August 25, 2017

Much of Cameron Poetzscher’s experience - especially the experience that led him to becoming a major executive with Uber - came out of his more than 17 years at Goldman Sachs, where he gained a lot of global investment banking experience. At Goldman, Cameron had the good fortune of advising a number of very sophisticated and demanding clients on many high-profile mergers and acquisitions and other types of complex transactions, as well as IPOs and other financing instruments. The companies Cameron Poetzscher advised at Goldman included Fortune 50 companies and many pre-IPO start-ups backed by leading venture capital firms.
Cameron Poetzscher
While Cameron Poetzscher's career has largely been concentrated on the tech arena, with a focus on Internet, media and telecom, you’d be mistaken to think that was the sum total of his experience. His experience has included advising industry leaders and innovators in many other economic sectors, including the consumer goods, financial, healthcare, natural resources, industrial, and real estate areas, among others. His experience is also global, having worked on deals on five continents.